Aceh Noodles (Mie Aceh)

Mie Aceh from Indonesia

Aceh Noodles (Mie Aceh) is the typical cuisine of the region known as the porch of Mecca (Serambi Mekah) or the province of Aceh (Indonesia) are made from noodles, has a unique and distinct flavor of noodle dishes from other regions. Mie Aceh (Aceh noodles) has a spicy flavor and a distinctive curry. Mie Aceh as a source of carbohydrate for using basic materials noodles.

Aceh Noodles (Mie Aceh) using natural ingredients that are free of preservatives such as pepper and turmeric. The traditional herbs used as a spice in mie Aceh so that adds to the flavor. Mie Aceh usually mixed with lamb or beef and shrimp. For served usually also comes with chips, fried onions, fried egg and pickled. Mie Aceh suitable for lunch.