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Fried onions made of red onion thinly sliced ​​small and then fried and drained to dry.

Fried Onions (Bawang Goreng)

Fried onions (bawang goreng) is an additional food as appetite enhancer for fragrant aroma. Fried onions topping is usually sprinkled on food …

Acar or pickles is a mixture of vegetables, fruits and vinegar


Acar or pickles is a mixture of several vegetables and fruits are cut into small pieces mixed with vinegar, vinegar saved some …

Sambal rica-rica hijau (rica-rica green chili)

Sambal Rica-Rica Hijau

Sambal is a supplementary food to stimulate the appetite. One type of sauce that sambal rica-rica hijau (rica-rica green chili). Whatever type …